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Hori ONYX controller for PS4 – REVIEW

October 6, 2018

As I saw the ONYX Controller from Hori I thought nothing can get wrong. The analog sticks are set on the correct position like on the X-Box controller. A layout I prefer way over the Sony controller layout. The PS4 standard pad is finally a great controller (I dont like the controllers of PS1,PS2,PS3), but the left analogue stick still on the wrong place.

Hori ONYX Controller for PS4 s

So Hori is good! Right!1 Hori is quality! Hori is the holy grale of third party perephials, eh? I have a 360 arcade stick from Hori and it prooves right. This thing is the shit!1 So yeah, I have a very good vibe, when I see the Hori trademark on a box. But this is the first time for me using a Hori item which is no arcade stick. So let’s take a look on my first Hori pad/controller.

In first place I bought the Hori ONYX controller for racing games (cause of the analoge stick layout) and tested the controller in this function.

Here is my experience:

Pro: the good things:

  1. the controller has no frontlight. For me that is a good thing, I never used the function on the original controller. I have even taped the frontlight on my original PS4 controller, cause it reflects onscreen when you play a very dark passage of a game or a dark game in general.
  2. The Option-button is so tiny on the original controller, sometimes I barely meet it. The Option-button is much better to hit on the ONYX controller.
  3. The left analogue stick is on the correct position!

Con: what? No more good stuff??? It‘s a Hori item!! I‘m sorry, but the rest of this piece of hardware belongs suprisingly (for me) to the dark side:

  1. The analogsticks feel at the first sight o.k., but in comparison to the analogue sticks of the PS4 standard pad, they work much less precise. In result GT Sports or Project Cars 2 play much worse and were much less to no fun to play. If you play after that with the standard PS4 analog controller, the analogstick quality is kind of a revelation.
  2. The L and R Trigger (e.g. for eccellerate or braking), is in a weird angel positionend. Really strange, you have to press them a bit from the side.
  3. The L and R Trigger movement have much less space in comparison to the standard PS4 pad. With the standard PS4 pad you can much better controle excellerate and breake. In result you drive much more controlled as with the Hori ONYX.
  4. The buttons work fine, but the low budged material let them feel not so satisfying.
  5. Then the overall layout of the controller. At all it mimiks the X-Box pad and I love this, I think the X-Box controller layout is since years (Xbox S-controller, 360 controller and One) the untouchted king of the analogue controller layout. It is the holy grail … but even here the ONYX controller failed. It fits ergonomical simply not as good in the hand. And from both, design and material, I don’t like the feel.
  6. There‘s no speaker at the ONYX pad. So if there is a funktion build in a game to use it (like in Project Cars 2 the pit talk), it is not supportet by the Hori pad.
  7. And some strange at the end. The standard PS4 controller I can easily charge with my Smartphone charger. That‘s very convenient. Strangely if I put it into the ONYX controller nothing happens. I have to stick the usb-cable onto my PS4 and connect with the ONYX controller, then the charge process works.

The digicross I havn‘t used much, so I cant say anything valuable about, but the first impression was also not so good. Far away from the digicross on the original PS4 controller which is again the far better choice.

Hori was for me a brand of quality, but holy I was suprised what I got. Hori is for me still a quality brand in case of arcade sticks. But on other perephials … I will be in the future more careful before buying.

I really cannot recommend this controller! Avoid this item. Stick with the original PS4 controller!1


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