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Shenmue I&II, Shadow of the TR, Marvel vs. Capcom

September 14, 2018

Shenmue 1 Remaster I have already played and I’m happy about the released remaster of Shenmue 1&2. First I thought cause I played the games back then on Dreamcast I will buy them more for my collection … but once started Shenmue I was back into it and enjoyed playing it. Yes it is a milestone from the past. But of course 3D (action) adventure games have developed so incredible fast in the last 18 years that many gameplayparts has aged. So escpecially today it is not for everone. But for them who enjoyed the games back then and want to reenter the series before playing part III of the Shenmue saga, which will be released August 2019, it’s still worth playing. For all others, especially younger gamers, it is imho the need to have a historic interest in gaming and adventure/action adventure games. It is a masterpeace and milestone from back then, when things were new … but today become a standard since years and in a much more polished way. But dispite of that, Shenmue is still today a game of its own, a unique gaming experience with its complete own character.

I heard of many bugs, but I had only minor issues. I had two bugged cutscenes (one darkscreen and the other showed the stars/sky instead the talking chars, one no importand, the other mainstory). And once I had also the first person bug. That was it, no other bug complains here. After I played Shenmue II, I will (hopefully) write a review about the games and why I still love them.

Shenmue ShadowTR Marvel vs Capcom

Shadow of the Tomb Raider just bought today and will this evening take my frist look. I did not read or watch any review. Cause the idiots spoils the shit out!! I want have the complete new experience when I press start!1

And Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. I’m not a serious Beat’em up guy, but I love to play them casualwise. I simply love the arcade feeling the games have and they are perfect for the fun inbetween.


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