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Skyrim SE, Startrail, Sh. of TR, The Horde

August 8, 2018

After I recognized on E3 how long it will still need to TES VI (was happy to hear the official announcement of the game, but it will last 4 ever to come đŸ˜‰ ), I decided to give Skyrim a second shot. Former played it on PC, now I play the Special Edition on PS4Pro … and man, the game is still a monster and works for me still perfect.

new games PS4Sat small

So other games has to wait. My Blade of Destiny Let’s Play will do a rest (RoA: Startrail already in *lol*) and Shadow of the Tomb Raider I wanted to play day 1 … but cause of Skyrim, will be played later. At least I have the preorder steelcase ^^

Skyrim rulz, and so I decided to create a ShowOff you can see on my YT channel. Sry, playin’ the German version, but if you familiar with the game, it’s still worth a look. The link to part one you find below … And found The Horde for the SEGA Saturn, absolutely mint condition for a good price. A really very nice game and total overlooked!1


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