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BUG REPORT: RoA/DSA Blade of Destiny/Schicksalsklinge (REMAKE/consoleport/PS4)

July 14, 2018

Hi folks, while my ‘Lets Play’ of the remake of Realms of Arkania (Das Schwarze Auge) Blade of Destiny (Schicksalsklinge), originally a PC game, I faced some serious bug issues while playing the console port. And I thought it’s good to do a short report, regarding the bugs I recognized so far. I’m playing the PS4 version, but afaik the same counts for the XBoxOne port.

Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge_20180102211139


  • The first bug I mention is a really important one and I recommend to regard instantly at the beginning of the game. If you you go to the Hetmann in the longhouse to start the mainquest. He gives you a (first) recommendation letter to be able to go once into the house you get some weapons and amor for free to start you journey. So far o.k., do this. But after that, you have the possibility to got to the Hetman to receive a second recommendation letter. Don’t do this now, get it later if a person demand it from you. Then go back to Thorwal and get the recommendation letter. It’s a detour, but you can be sure the second recommendation latter is still available.

I did took the second letter at the beginning of the game … then need it much later in the game again to get a part of Hygelligs map a mainquest guy was asking for. In my case the game did not remember that I had already requested the second recommendation letter. I went back to Thorwal (first town) to ask for another … but the Hetman does not give you a new one. This is near game-breaking, cause you need the map-parts to have at the end the entire map to be able to finish the game.

Luckily there is a solution. First there are 9 people with map-parts in the game to find … but you need only 7 for completion. And one ontopic tipp more: I’m still in the first half of the game and at hermit-lake (near Phexcar) … and I found out that there’s a unicorn. Spare this unicorn event to the end … if you then still need a map-part, the unicorn is a joker … to bring you on map-part you missed out!!


  • This bug is only a minor issue and happened only in Thorwal. At the beginning of the game in Thorwal if I slept in a hostel and went up into the room, the ring menue disappeared and I couldn’t do anything anymore. The solution is to save and then load new, than the ringmenue will be work regular. And in my case, this happened only 2-3 times at the beginning of the game in Thorwal, after that it did not happen anymore


  • Rings: you can give rings from one char of your party to another. It’s a bug. The ring remains at the character you gave it to. But you can sell it.


  • I gave a witches-broom by accident to a non whitch char of my party. Now I can’t give the broom to another char, nor I can drop it, nor can sell it. This broom is stuck to the (wrong) character. Luckily it was a second broom/loot from an enemy. But if you have a witch in your group -> you will use the broom via magic-spell. Regard while taking the loot after the fight, to give the broom first to your witch to prevent a wrong giveaway.


  • The eat/drink bug. In the PC version properly working, in the console versions the hunger and thirst of your party members is out of balance. They need way to much resources. You need way to much proviant packages and you hunt success is to low … your party quickly crys for meat and water. As I activated this feature I tried it a while, switched it on, off, on, off … then I googled the issue … and found the confirmation that there is a huge eat/drink bug in the console port, not patched till yet. I recommend to deactivate it. That’s a bit sad, cause it has now consequences if I do a level up for my hunting character Feyaria. Now I do not use any points for hunting skills and use them while level up for other talents.


  • Level up bug: when you level up your chars, the games shows you via a green marked plus (+) symbol which talent can be leveled up, and which one reaches the actual maximum. If theres no green mark you know don’t to set a point into it … if you do the point is lost. So far so normal in the game … but regrettably the green plus (+) is not always correct, and despite marked as green it has reached the max. So the point you try to get in is lost. So it is usual to loose some points for nothing while leveling a char up.

You can now try it out, memorize everything and then load the previous savegame to fix it perfectly. But that’s imo very annoying. I decided to accept the loss (if it’s not too hard) and continue on.  Of course you can’t level up most efficient, so the game gets a bit more difficult … but you can’t also adjust the difficulty. So I e.g. have not activated slip-ups while fighting. And cause of the bug written above, you should also deactivate eat/drink in the difficult settings. And you can adjust other difficult settings more.


  • In fight I had the following bug only a couple of times. While fighting a character with long range attack abilities (e.g. char with spell or bow) suddenly had a broken ring menue and I couldn’t use their attacks or abilities in general any more. If this appears within a fight, this char is no longer usable for combat or heal till the fight ends. This did’t appear too often till now and in the next fight all worked always back to normal. Till now this bug only happened rarely.


  • *At the end of my buglist is a serious one. It’s breaking a sidequest. Damrosch gives you in Thorwal three sidequests at all (in the Zwingfeste). The first you can finish without any problems. The second sidequest you get later from him, you’ll face a place in the dungeon where the game normally starts a short message to let you dive deeper into the next level of the dungeon.


But in the console versions this not will happen, the game fails to trigger the event. The result: you can’t proceed the dungeon -> you cannot finish this sidequest.

The picture shows the place the sidequest will end for you:

Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge_20180714160407

I recommend beside of that to explore the dungeon as far as possible. The battles gives you experience points and while exploring the dungeon you find some short informations/events (explained in texboxes) which gives you expoints as well.

The console port of the remake of Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny has a lot of bugs, but still remains playable. Beside one sidequest*. This pen&paper type of role playing game is quite unique today, especially on consoles. But I know there are some role playing gamers out there who love these puristic games.

I still enjoy it a lot playing the game! I did this list to give a better overview what to regard for all who like those oldschool RPGs and want to play the game on their console.

Happy gaming, cheers

Some pix/impressions of the game:

Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge_20180606090937

Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge_20180606091010

Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge_20180714205901

Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge_20180531153645

Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge_20180602132509

Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge_20180102211635

Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge_20180714205231


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