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DSA/RoA Schicksalsklinge/Blade of Destiny, Wipeout Collection, Pinball Arcade Season 2 & Gear

December 20, 2017

Surprisingly for me DSA/RoA Schicksalsklinge/Blade of Destiny has been released onto PS4 and Xbox One. It‘s the first part of a trilogy which was original released PC exclusive 1992 (Blade of Destiny), 1994 (Startrail) and 1996 (Shadows over Riva). The series is based on the german pen & paper RPG The Black Eye.

Surprisingly, I startet my first Let‘s Play with that game. That wasn‘t planned … I‘m really surprised by myself … I bought a headset, after a short information round, more or less by accident … and started to record the first parts of the Let’s Play on the same evening. To be honest … so far it’s fun. I don‘t will rush throught the game and I don‘t will play it any day … and for sure will have some pauses in between … so it will become a long running project for sure. But  I started it now and step by step I will continue (sry German voiced):


I don’t play the retro game from 1992, Blade of Destiny is a remake. First PC only, I had now spotted the unexpected port of the game onto PS4/One. I’m really happy about that, cause my old PC won’t play it. Back then I only played the third part of the trilogy Shadows over Riva, but always wanted to experience the whole saga. So Im happy for the console port and hope the other two parts will be also released on the PS4. The remake of Part 2, Star Trail is on PC already in Beta … and hopefully will also be released on PS4.

There‘s no big publisher in the back, it‘s more a kind of a fan project of members of the old developers itself who created the trilogy back in 1992-1996. So theres not much money behind and this you can see in many ways in the game. But it has for sure one of the strongest role playing mechanics in the world working behind this game! Dispite of its issues, at first sight I really like the effort and what the game is. But you should like old games and still loving to play these old games. Especially if you‘re a graphic whore, this game is nothing for you.

But to be honest, I like even the look. But thats only me … and I‘m still at the beginning of the game. Later … very much later … I will write a more detailed review about it … hopefully ^^

Normally I have set my PS4 on English, so the game started in English … it seems the game is beside the German version also translated into English on one disk. After I changed my PS4 language settings into German, the game also changed the language. Cause this is a local product here, the game maybe has been not released in your region, but PS4 is codefree and so you’re able to import it if interested (also available in the European PSN store to download (US I don’t know). If you love hardcore western role playing games, maybe you will like it.

The graphic is for todays standart simple and it’s not bugfree, but it has one of the best role playing mechanics running in the backround of the game, great music, classic pen&paper feel when you play it (you have to read the text, but it works really cool imho) … and I even like the look and charme of the game despite of its technical limitations. The menue system they adapted very well to the controller I can say so far. But it’s for sure not for everyone but real roleplaying enthusiasts only. But If you’re one of them … maybe you will love it as well! Check out other sources in the net.

games n gears s

WipeOut Omega Collection

A discounter had it for 20,- €, so no excuse not to buy it 😉 Therefore my last WipeOut was 2097 all three games on the collection are completely new for me. All three games are remastered games from previous plattforms (PSP,Vita,PS3 afaik). So they are graphical nothing special for the PS4, but very well ported and adapted onto the PS4 hardware. Played a bit 2048 and completed WipeOut HD. Fury I did not play till yet. So HD is my fafourite and I really like a lot!1 And curious how Fury will be. Today most racing-games try to be real in case of vehicle physics … not WipeOut. It‘s arcade gameplay at its finest – – – thank you Sony!! This collection is total fun … highly recommended.

Pinball Arcade Season 2

Pinball Arcade is a pinball simulation. They try to be as accurate as possible in case of recreating the tables and the physics.

I‘m not a serious pinball gamer. For me it‘s more a sidekick in digital gaming, beside the „normal“ games I play. But for that I really like it! But I don‘t see it so critical if its like real or pure phantasy in way of tables or gameplay … the main thing for me is, that it is fun.

And in the way of fun I love Season 1. There are spectacular tables on it. Really flashy and fun with great visuals, gameplay & tunes! Season 2 has more older tables from the mechanical era on it. For hardcore fans of real pinball machines Season 2 I think is still a dream, but for a (and mostly only digital) pinball-opportunity player like me … Season 2 is a dissapointment. Most tables here are simply boring to play for me.

So if you want a pinball game but have both not purchased yet. Then buy Season 1, this is imo the package to have for the normal console gamer!1


Last and least some pieces of hardware. Some more Hyperkin Genesis controller for my lovely SEGA 16-bit machines and the headset to take a try on Let’s Play … we’ll see how it works 🙂



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