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Selfbuild collectors cabinet & collection 12 2017

December 5, 2017

The first time in life I build my first furniture by myself from the ground up. For a couple of month I needed more space for my daily things and so my collection had been removed to the basement.

First, it’s a cold place and I don’t know if it’s the best place for storage and conservation … … and I don’t want to go anytime three floors below if I want to have or to check some of it. So I got the idea for a new cabinet for my collection. But therefore I have not as much room like others, who’re able to celebrate their hobby a seperate room … I have to calculate my daily room and what I can left over for my collection.

So I came to the idea to build a cabinet by myself. To be able to define the exact measurements I want to have, without loosing to much space in my daily room. So it was for me in one hand important to get as much collectors stuff inside as possible and on the same time have a cabinet wich saves room. So I used the hight to my ceiling, but took care of a minimum depth into the room.

And of cours if you do thinks like that by yourself, you can also visually exactly have what you want and so give your room much more personality as with an bought cabinet from a market.

And I thought it would be much more cheaper … but … only relatively. At the end I spent total 510,- € for that cabinet. Good wood, colors, all parts for the doors, etc. at the end it cost more than I thought. But the result is priceless!1

First I bought the unpainted raw material/woods.

wood raw cabinet b

After I painted the parts, I screwed them togehter to the frame of the cabinet. I decided not to add a backwall, but to scew the frame directly with angles to the wall. So no dust can accumulate in the back between cabinet and wall. And I took care to let it stand hight enough to be able to suck with the vacuumcleaner unterneath.

Cabinet 1s

With the doors I had at first diffeculties to find a solution. Cause the doors are wide (1 meter), they should be light to garantee a long term reliability. After I thought a while around I decided to go into an art shop of my town and bought some wooden slats they offer for picture frames. Sounds unusual, but is imo a real nice solution. There I could choose between different messurement and put them exactly together as I needed them.

Cabinet 2s

O.k. … first pic filled with games … preperated, but still with no doors.

Cabinet 3s

… now with doors. O.k. one more to fix 😉 I had from the beginning on the idea to create the doors very colorful. And there the frame idea came handy to create my unique and very own cabinet. I really love it!

Cabinet 4s

Finally with the last door fixed, I finished my cabinet project.

Cabinet 5s

Therefore I have only a smartphone for the shoots, I took six pictures and sticked them together via Photoshop. So I can realize at least a picture with a decent resolution of my complete games collection.

Cabinet 6sm

Beside my PS4 Pro, current I have two Mega Drives plugged in. One is the HDMI MD knock off, I have already written an review about, and the other my Pal Mega Drive, connected via a small upscaler onto the TV. Since I finished the cabinet I moved my PC over into the living room and plugged it first time onto my HDTV. For gaming it’s pretty neat, but you can’t work on TV with that setup. So I have still the original screen in the small cabinet below the Pal Mega Drive/PS4 Pro. If I have to work with my PC, I have now to put the screen outside on a small portable desk. So not ideal, but a result of the limited space I have.

And for gaming as I said, it’s really pretty neat. I realized that I havn’t finished Realms of Arkania: Drakensang the River of Time as I played it around 2011/2012 … I restarted with my old save game and needed a bit to come back into it (as always if you pause a RPG for a longer while). It’s a lovely game I will hopefully write later somthing about.

hardware 1s

And to be complete … the rest of my hardware on hold 😉

hardware 2s



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