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HDMI Mega Drive – CONTROLLERs – Cadash, Saint Sword, Shadow Blasters & Populous I+II

August 30, 2017

Mega Drive KnockOff 1

The last years I played retro mostly on emulators. But I have my collection and really wanted to play more on the real hardware on my TV in the living-room. I connected my old Mega Drive … but it was not the perfect solution.

Then I spotted the MD HDMI thx to Retro Core …

… and this was the machine I was waiting for. An overseas and Japan switch to avoid region locks, all region-cartridges fits in and a brilliant HDMI output. The only minor complain I have, is that the sound is not total equal with the original Mega Drive / Genesis and that the cartidges fit imo too tight in the machine. I took an old cartridge and pulled it 20-30 times in and out … maybe it worked a bit … I’m not sure. But I use a kind of technique. To remove a cartridge, I got used to loosen at first one side and then pull off the complete cartridge. The original sounds a bit more bassy and so a bit more full. The knock-off is near and at all it sounds still good. But I had to adjust it on my TV to have a proper result (see below).

The machine itself is a bit light in comparison to the original … but well crafted and the switches and material feels very good.

The wireless controllers feels at the first sight maybe a bit loose, but they are not. The digicross is very, very good in the way of gameplay and the buttons too. And dispite wireless … no lag at all!

So the overall package is absolutely great, payed 64€ shipping included … no complains, I’m happy! And finally I have beside my originals Pal and US-Mega Drive/Genesis finally a Japanese version. I always thought it looks best, with its big golden 16-bit logo and colorful prints and blue reset button on it. The US-Genesis version is second … the Pal black&white design third. But I love the look of the model one Mega Drive / Genesis in general!1 It looks simply great on any desk 😀

Mega Drive KnockOff 1b

Mega Drive KnockOff 2

Mega Drive KnockOff 3

I played the last years nearly only via emulators, collected items and prooved most if they work … now I realize, I totally forgot how much more fun it is!!!! Seriously, it’s so much more fun to play it on a real machine instead on emulators on a PC, it’s incredible. It’s maybe difficult to explain, but it is a different experience!1

The Sound of the HDMI Mega Drive is very near to the original. Most don’t will realize a difference to the original. But on a closer look the sound is a bit thinner than on your original Mega Drive, so adjust the sound on your television … I had various variations I can handle on my TV – an equalizer and some other options to vary the sound. The 5 and 10 KHZ I lowered later back to default. But you have to find your own settings, cause every TV sounds different. I’m total satisfied with the result and I’m really niggling in case of sound quality!

Mega Drive KnockOff 5 (1)

In case of the screen I lowered the sharpness of my HDTV (you can set separately for each HDMI port – just like the sound settings) to make it look most natural like it was back then – despite of the higher resolution at all. It looks stunning!

Sonic Mega Drive Genesis HDMI

… and at least the rest of the pack – some games and controllers 🙂 The Hyperkin GN6 6-buttons controller for the Mega Drive/Genesis is top notch!1 According current available third party controllers, this is the best you can get!! I ordered already four more -> highly recommended!

games n controller MD HDMI s

Edit: 09 09 2017 – HDMI Mega Drive postscript:

I want to add two information to the HDMI Mega Drive review. One is  good news … the other don’t.

The good one is … I mentioned the tight fit of the cardridges in the HDMI Mega Drive knock-off. It was really hard to pull off the games first (see last article how to pull off the games at the beginning best). But after I used it now a while, the slot widened a bit and everything works perfect. Now it’s easy to pull off the cardridges.

Second is the bad news. On the back of the machine there is a J (Japan) and O (overseas) switch to avoid the region locks. But overseas means US region-lock only. Pal games with region lock (e.g. TMNT Hyperstone Heist) will not work on the HDMI Mega Drive! I tested Hyperstone Heist on my original Pal Mega Drive and it worked perfectly … but not on the HDMI MD. Luckily many Pal Mega Drive games have no region lock, but also many have … and then the overseas option will not work.

Here’s a link to a list of region locked games on MD:

I have a lot of US and Japanese MD/Genesis games and many Pal games of mine work on the HDMI Mega Drive.

But there are of course many important Pal titles which will work only on a Pal machine. Therefore I have one, it’s not a dealbreaker for me … I can switch the machines.

But if you’re from Pal region and your collection is mainly made of Pal games, the HDMI Mega Drive is not the complete package you maybe hoped for! You still need your good old Pal Mega Drive in the back.

I’m really happy with the HDMI Mega Drive, but decide for yourself.


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