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New items: RoP – Chakkan – ChR – LoK:SR – TRI,II,IV – SX2 – UGnG

July 30, 2017

Rings of Power:

I sneaked only a little bit in, but it seems for me a very interesting RPG for hardcore role playing gamers. Graphic and sound is something between 8 and 16 bit consolewise. E.g. your char don’t scroll fluently, but walks clunky from square to square over the map. Here you can switch between a closer view and an overwiev. You walk over a field which looks similar to the Populous games. But this is no god-simulation, but a traditional western RPG. It’s kind of an open world western Role Playing Game you maybe expect more from a home computer from back then. But it’s a Mega Drive exclusive. From the beginning on you can reach every city/area on the worldmap.

The game was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Electronic Arts. Yes Naughty Dog, the current Sony-exclusive developer of the Uncharted and Last of US series.

Despite of the simple presentation it has its fascination, cause of its deep RPG content. The game is from 1991, so still a more early 16-bit RPG. Regard, this game is for Role Playing enthusiasts only!




This game is interesting. I think it’s an underrated game, which deservers more attention.

The first impression is, that it has the cooler dark intention … yeah, like Soul Reaver in a way. The second impression is the weak presentation with the dull intro music … which maybe leads to a misjudgement by some gamers if they don’t sneak deeper into the game. Technically the graphic is for 1993 nothing special on the MD/Genesis, it’s o.k., … but the style I really like.

Then you start into the game (yes it has the weird western Mega Drive/Genesis sound engine). At all I liked the audio more while playing than I thought. Most levels are filled more with ambient sound/music … and this fits well to the games atmosphere, only 1-2 levels have tracks/music. At all the audio fits the theme of the game pretty good … after you get used to it 😉 The Levels are branched and you visit them multiple times. And the gameplay has with all the skills, items & weapon-upgrades, your char learn throught the game, a great variety. Sometimes it’s not easy to see where to jump to and you get some unnecessary damage. You have a healing spell (need items) and unlimited continues. But beware, overall it’s a very difficult game!! You have to learn the levels and which ability/skill to use  -> not a game for a quicky, but to learn and get into it.



And Cuck Rock I bought … I don’t know why, but it’s a good game for sure, so it’s ok to have it in the collection. I know it’s a popular game, but not a must have for me personal … and the cover has even water damage :/ … let’s move foreward …


Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

I watched a let’s play of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on YT and thought it’s a great game for my collection. I’m not a 24/7 gamer, so I cannot play everthing I’m interested in 😉 So if you watch a game like Soul Reaver on YT you don’t need to spend the time, effort or whatever  … you can relaxe, do your laundry or what you want on the side. And if the comment is good, it’s kind of gaming entertainment of a game I’m interested in, but I never had seen cause of lack of time. For me e.g. it has at the moment priority to invest the time I have for games into the old Tomb Raider games. The idea came btw while watching the Soul Reaver let’s play 😉

And yes, Soul Reaver seems to be really good game. The setting is cool, even all looks the same. It has not the visual variety like a Tomb Raider game has to offer (most) … all here in Soul Reaver is grey, brown-green darkish and looks over the whole game the same … gameplay looks cool so far … Soul Reaver was published by Crystal Dynamics, the current Tomb Raider developer (and owned by Square Enix meanwhile).

Link TailsGaming lets play Soul Reaver PC-version (sry german):

OST: the Soul Reaver soundtrack fits the game very well. Beside the title song, the tracks are dark ambient to support the levels atmosphere:

The Dreamcast version looks best (also better than PC-version) but generally it’s the same game.

Link Digital Foundry PSX/PC/DC versions of Soul Reaver:




PS Vita Downloads (US PSN-store)

Tomb Raider revisit time

… as I watched Soul Reaver I got more and more into the idea to play the old Tomb Raider games of the first generation … and started with the first installment of the TR series.


So I downloaded TR I,II and IV onto my Playstation Vita (PS1 classics).

2015/16 I played TR Anniversary and it was a great remake of the first Tomb Raider game I really enjoyed. But no, this time I’m not in the mood for remakes. I really do want to play the originals. I like how Lara controls and feels in the old games. It maybe feels a bit stiff for today standards at first sight, but the movement is tight, precise and firm. I really like that and how it feels.

And I downloaded some more:

  • Söldner X2 (Complete): a Shmup from a western developer. Normally I prefer Shmups from Japanese developers, but this one seems not bad at first sight. (Vita original)
  • Ultimate Ghosts’n Goblins: complete new and exclusive Ghosts’n Goblins game for the PSP. As PSP-download also available for your Vita!



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