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How to drive Dirt Rally –> don’t let’s attack (too) aggressively!1

April 29, 2017

At first Dirt Rally was frustrating for me. Used to have a rewind functions in WRC style rally games of the last years, I was used to attack the grid seriously.

But Dirt Rally goes back to the roots. So any rewind function has been canceled … and I was frustrated first, after many wreckage issues on track.

But then I learned it: “don’t let’s attack (too) aggressively!”

This is imo the key to get access to the game and avoid the frustration part! The no rewind policy forces you to a different driving style compared to the rally games you played the last years  (rewind time age!) … If you don’t adapt these rules according to your driving style, the game has (imo) a big frustration potential.

And yes you could train each stage in shakedowns before, but to be honest … who is doing this??? I like to go direct into the stage. Rock on … no blablabla (aka training) …

But to come in terms with … you have to accept a more passive driving style compared to your previous WRC-style games … the no rewind function impose on you.

But after a while I realized how much fun it is. Codemasters made it well ballanced … the timetargets for the stages are very balanced done. First place is challenging, second place good to achieve and third place easy to reach. And even if you don’t reach second or third place in a certain stage, in the final settlement p3 is easy to reach. So the frustration part which I had expected has gone away cause of the balanced game targets in rally chamionship mode … I’m now more than happy with the game! E.g. accept minor accidents, shit happens -> live with it!1 … Or even 15 sec. penalties -> continue on, restart as less as possible … that’s how the game is ment to be.

Please note: avoid at the beginning rear wheel driven cars, they are really difficult to drive in Dirt Rally (played till now BMW E30 & Ford Escord, other RWDs are maybe a bit easier to handle, but these two are not easy to handle for beginners). Best to start with front or 4WD cars.

If you want have fun with this game, find your personal pace between security and speed. And don’t care penalties or non perfect runs -> continue on! This is how the game works and longer gaming sessions keepin’ frustfree!

But remember always: Dirt Rally is NOT a Konami game! So “don’t let’s attack (too) aggressively!” xD

If you hear the engine “bubble”, I’m off-throttle! A bit of a kind of passive driving style is here imo the key to have fun and success … with an aggressive part inbetween 🙂

Dirt Rally Greece – Subaru Impreza – Group A-Championship – long stage full

Dirt Rally Monte Carlo – Subaru Impreza – Group A-Championship – long stage full

As you can see, with that driving style you can be successfull in Dirt Rally & avoid the frustration part in one thing … and get so step by step faster from championship to championship! So don’t care if you place in a single stage 5th place or so. Over a complete round/event, 2. or 3. place is still good to reach. As mentioned before … the game targets are summed up at the end of each event/round and is overall set fair. In which order you want to drive the championships you can choose freely. “Group A Championship” is 6th, but was my third championship I drove. And the more championships you drive, the more you will learn the driving and recognize the repeating stages. Which will help to increase your pace and the aggressive part while driving in later championships without losing your savety.

DiRT Rally_20170504091654


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