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Xbox 360 – the beloved MISTRESS

April 1, 2017

o.k. – that’s gonna be embarrassing … …

The Xbox 360 was a kind of a love affair – but she brought also a lot of pain with, she inflicted to me. What a bad girl … but so hot!1 xD

2007 – the drama begins – X360 purchase


In the first stage of our affair, I was not sure If she likes me or not. Her noise was so disturbing and painful, I was not sure if she reciprocate my love. She tormented me with her DVD-drive and rattling air-cooler.

First you coudn’t even store the games on the hardware … so the DVD-drive always runned with full “audio power”!1 That was so aweful, I really cannot explain! It was so aweful noisy, it seemed she had the plan to destroy the entire planet … starting to destroy the 360 gamer with hard singing DVD-drive noise …

Yes I admit, I bought the X360 only because of the pricedrop of 100,- € at PS3 launch … the PS3 was so much more expensive (after the 100 € reduction twice the price). But I was still drawn by her brother (XBox) which had nearly no Japanese games and was more a PC-console for FPS’ler … he was an o.k. buddy, but with lack of games I like. For my taste he was only in western RPGs and racing games good. And of course some exclusives like Conker remake and Panzer Dragoon Orta. So at all a bit one-sided. Would his sister have a better and wider range & taste of games?? So I did not know exactly where I stand with my new X360 … … maybe that’s why she took at first offense at me … she don’t trusted me.

But over the time the relation growed. The analog controller was beautiful, I treated her well and she gave me even the best Japanese JRPGs of the generation and top notch game content overall … and yes, with many Japanese games! In that regard I was happy and she realized that I acted true and with pure hearts to her.

2008 – games to install on HD


As a result of our improved relationship, she let me now install the games on the harddrive … … what an improvement, the DVD-drive was a barely bearable noisy storm, a real weapon by her … which inflicted so many times pain to me … how mean she was. But that was from now on yesterday and the first blue skies appeared in front of my eyes, her smile was beautiful!! I was so thankful!1


So the disagreements were harshly reduced between us … but I felt that she was inside still a bit upset – her air cooler was still rattling around every time we communicated together. Even if it was still to loud, it was so much better and now I was finally able to play RPGs on that thing. RPGs?? Yes she loved RPGs, but treated me now much better, so from now on I had also fun with.

2010 – Xbox 360S


This let grow our relationship better and better and finally her last inner unrest was gone, she was completely happy and now trustfully that I would never let her alone. Blue skies, pure sunshine, butterflies and many many cute cat videos ruled the relationship and led into a love marriage … oh damn, I went into the trap … and yes, she still likes role playing games. But this is how the world turns xD Everything was now how it should be. Happiness ruled the world!1


Dispite of the hard start, the X360(S) is one of my favourate consoles! Regrettably after nearly 7 years XBox 360S, her air-cooler begins to rise up again a bit, not loud, but also not as quiete as before. Hopefully there’s nothing I’ve done wrong …

OMG!!!1 … that article … I’m sorry … I’m really so sorry  \´O_O`/


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