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The Last Guardian – I don’t like Fumito Ueda! [1/2 spoiler]

December 18, 2016


I wanted to write a review about Last Guardian, but I can’t … I really can’t express how sad I’m inside … I never expected this in the first half of the game, that LG will grab me so deep. But in the second half of the game it grows on me and the bound was made to realize such emotional consequences.

In the first half of the game I was not sure what to think about the game, it was o.k., not more … but in the second half I loved it … after the end I despised it!!1

The Last Guardian™_20161217165709

While I was playing the second half of the game, I was really looking forward to write a review about the whole game, the strength and the weakpoints it has …

… but after the ending I was inside empty, sad, in sorrow mixed with anger and pity for the result for the creature/Trico. I’m completely down, don’t want and have no power for a review.

After I finished the game some throphies appeared. I don’t care about trophies, but there was one, that after the first playthrough the game is not really completed.

On start-screen then there is still a continue (and only) … I tried it out … the game starts new … it was the same beginning … I aborded immediately … I don’t want play this game now!1 If it’s simply the same game, with the exact same story, I’m not interested to live this mess again … I’m really empty and depressed, I had that never before in a game … only if the destiny of Trico maybe chances to a better result for him … yes, then I really would love to play a second run … cause I really like Trico!

But not now, I’m empty and out … I have now to recover from the bad feelings …

So then, my first depressed gaming post ever …  I hate how I feel …

Good night!1

The Last Guardian™_20161210110749

The Last Guardian™_20161216125030

The Last Guardian™_20161216135320

The Last Guardian™_20161218212345


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