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Banzai – Rise of the Tomb Raider – PS4 for the rescue!1

October 16, 2016

One year after the original release there’s also the PS4 version. I really hope for good sales after the disastrously bad commercial start on XBox plattforms. I’m happy that MS achieved only a time exclusivity agreement with Square Enix … a total exclusive deal had had the potential to kill the franchise … at least kill the AAA status. Square Enix was not really satisfied with the rentability of Tomb Raider Reboot, a o.k. result but not what SE hoped for … despite of the good sales of TR Reboot, but the high investments in the developement process … so Rise of the Tomb Raider was/is a serious benchmark test for the future of the series. Cause I love the TR series I hope now on PS4 for real good sales … to hold Tomb Raider in the league of the AAA franchises of the business.

I have played the game on X360 – here are some ingame shots of the 360 version. If you want to read my review from a year ago, please click link:





Last and least I did a year ago also a short ranking of the Tomb Raider games released till yet (main series):



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