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RIDE – gamplay over eyecandy!1

July 30, 2016

I want to talk a bit about Ride … a real surpise for me I want to share …

Recently I bought Ride … my expectations were low, but I liked Tourist Trophy on the PS2 … it was an attempt to create a Grand Turismo like game in the motorcyles universe by Polyhpony Digital. Of course the amount wasn’t near similar to the content of the allmighty Gran Turismo series, but I liked it a lot … and I love the idea of a motorcycle racing game with real, steet legal bikes.


So I wished for a longer time the idea of Tourist Trophy back … based on real street motorbikes from naked bikes to street legal supersport bikes by real manufacturers.

I heard early about Ride … first the 360 version … but saw only technicly very questional results on YT. I don’t remember right if this was a beta build or the final product on the 360 – but especially the bad framerate let me step back to buy the game. So my first expressions were bad and I forgot the game. Now I watched some 360 YT videos and the final product seems to be on the 360 much better than I thought – so maybe it was a beta I saw. But I don’t know how good or bad the 360 version is.

April this year I bought a PS4 … and I heard that Ride was portet to the PS4 … but there was no trial version available on PSN. And cause of my impressions as written above, I lost interest in the game.

But then I saw it for 20,- € … and still wanted to have a realistic street bike racing game … so I did the purchase!

First impression: bad, really bad!1 – Outdated crappy graphics, visually a rough experience for PS4 standards … nothing appealing to see … … except the bikes are nice.

Second impression: “oh man, thats fun to drive, really fun man!!1 *smile in the face*” … “but damn jesus … the loading times will kill me to death!1”

But I have also to say that I like the tracks design and the enviroment they’re set in a lot!1 I like the tracks, some are fictitious, some are real. So despite of the weak technic, the choice of tracks & settings are imo well done!

This game is for sure a game for the second sight! After a while I got used to the crappy graphics … and for me personal I can say, it did not bother me anymore. I can live with that kind of graphic … if I love the core of a game … I get used to it … and it runs imo smooth enough to be able to deliver a real racing experience! But also here … I’m not a 60 fps Nazi.

But it remains OMG the graphics … simple textures, nearly NO lightning in the enviroment off the track, shadows only on some main objects … yes it is ridiculous … you really can see on any visual point of the game how small the budget was. And yeah … a standard Milestones problem ^^

But who cares if the core is great … lets move over to the shining part of the game – the driving model

The driving model of the bikes are very, very well done by Milestones …

At the moment I use the standard drivingphysics, I have simply a ton of fun using that option from the first second playing this game (tipp: at the beginning you can choose from two bikes – choose the Triumph for a smoother entry). There are also the driving physics options semipro and pro … maybe I will try it later. But not now, I have so much fun driving as it is … and thats why we’re gaming or?!!

So my driving experience here is based on the standard driving physics setting.

I don’t want to talk to much about the physics but want to show it in a gameplay-video and let it talk for itself. I played with a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and it shows how nice the driving in Ride is! I played in the first vid on the easiest AI difficulty setting – simply to be able to play a bit aroud, show the driving physics, collision detection and so on. The last lap I speed a little up.

Settings: drivephysics standard, automatic brakes off, combined brakes on, anti wheelie off, duck automatic, race line off, gears manual, TCS off

The a second race is a normal race without playin’ around, with a ‘less powerful’ bike (Ducati Streetfighter 848)

So you see I like the game a lot, dispite of the low graphic standard and I think everyone who is really interested in motorcycles and is NOT a graphic-whore … this game is potentially very interesting for you and will bring you much fun while driving …

The difficulty differs sometimes from race to race, here you can also see the lack of polishing the game suffers in general from. As written above, Milestone had imo simply not enough budget/time. But before every race you can always choose free between 5 difficulty NPC levels … so no problem here. And of course it depends wich bike you choose.

… but I have also to shout out a WARNING!! This game has ridiculous long loading times. I promise it will bother you!! The loading times between each races are really long. The only way to survive this mess is to sit back, relaxe and praise Buddha!!

Yesterday I saw that Ride 2 is on the way. Already in Oktober the successor will hit the market! This time it’s of course no more a crossgen title, but only PS4/One. Thats really good news, hopefully they will improve the graphics massively and fix the loading times issue … and bring some more bikes from the 80s and 90s era, my favourate period.

So far a short view on a game I think it’s underrated and easy to be overseen. Have fun!


Edit 04.08.2016: now I have switched over the driving physics from standard to pro. I tried first semi-pro and than pro … I thought the gap between the driving physic models would be bigger. But no, they feel very similar – the differences are more in detail.

So If you started (like me) with the standard physics, you can later easily switch to the pro setting. The driving remains the same fun, maybe with a bit more movement in the frame of the bike, but still great and predictible to handle … and you can still accelerate and break as hard as you was used to do. So use the pro physics – the more I play the game, the more I love it – gameplay over eyecandy matches the game perfectly – the core/driving model is imo simply bad-ass!1 I like it more than the driving model in Tourist Trophy! Truth be told!1

Some words to my own bike history. Back the time I rode motorcycles from the age of 16 to 23. It was a very enthusiastic time, I thought I will never stop biking! Started with a Honda MTX 80 R and continued then with the age of 18 into the ‘real’ motorcycle world with a Suzuki DR 500 with a costum desert tank on it. Continued later with a Yamaha XJ 600. I dreamed about a Suzuki GSX-R 750/1100 or Honda 900 Fireblade … but than I had a spectacular accident with the Yamaha XJ 600 … it was not my first went down on a motorcyle, but this time it was a really heavy one. With tons of luck I got only minor injuries. There I decided to quit. I still would love to ride a motorcycle, but for me personally it’s not worth the risk. So I live it now digital ;P … but man RIDE makes me really want to drive a real one again :/

I found a pic of my DR 500. But no of my MTX 80 R and XJ 600, so the two pics below the big one are from the net … but show exactely the models I had.

2 Moto Suzuki DR5002

1 MTX80R cut

3 XJ600!


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