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*Ups I did it again* collection 12 2015

December 17, 2015

2003 I sold nearly the half of my collection – luckily I stopped and stored the rest of the games in the basement. 2009 to 2011 I rebuyed the games … and bought many more!1 It was a massive collectors time for me I never had before. I’m normally not a collectors guy – but in that case I loved to collect my favourite games. But normally I don’t collect … o.k. I really would like to collect Porsches, but … …  And it was good, cause it was before the prices for retro-games rised up. End 2011 I decided to stop collecting – but as you can see, after three years I relapsed and filled again some gaps. Yea I did it again, but want to stop it again. The plan is, no more online purchases – if I see an item on a flea market or a retro fair/shop, o.k. – but no more onlinestuff!1

Time to summerize and do a stocktaking of the games I collected in an exellist.

Exellist: My collection 12 2015

Collection 12 2015!

[click right button on the pic for big picture]

Best wishes and a happy new year!!



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  1. Very cool looking collection 🙂

    • As a Sega fan I love the SEGA stuff – but would like to have some more SNES items too, but they are so expensive now – damn retro hype 😉

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