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Tomb Raider main-series ranking:

November 25, 2015

After Rise of the Tomb Raider I was really back into the series and started to play Anniversary, the remake of the first TR. I heard only good about it, and yea’  … it’s great! But can’t replace the original. The only TR game from the main series I have than never played is Angel of Darkness. Heard only bad about it, but after Anniversary I will maybe sneak a little bit in.

TR generations (mainseries):

1 Gen: Tomb Raider I, II, III, IV, Chronicles

2 Gen: Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness

3 Gen: Tomb Raider Legend, Anniversary, Underworld

4 Gen: Tomb Raider Reboot & Rise of the TR

At the moment I’m complete into the TR series, play Rise of the TR (360), Anniversary (PC) and Underworld (N-DS Lite -> don’t mix it up with the PS360 game, the N-DS Underworld is a 2D game) and so wanted to do a ranking of the mainseries. Cause I don’t want to play the games of the first TR gen again, I watched some let’s plays of older TR games or parts of it, to relive the memories. The first gen games are around 15-20 years ago.

If you want to see what a rating for me means, watch the *legend (ratings) below.

Best of Tomb Raider games

  1. Tomb Raider (1996) – rating: 10/10
    A genre defining game!! A groundbreaking and absolutely unique game of its time! It had simply no competitors 1996 – yea it has some minor flaws, but it was so groundbreaking it deserves the 10/10! A real classic!!1
  2. Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation (1999) – rating 9.6/10
    Great traditional TR game of the first generation. Great setting and puzzle gameplay!1 Supercomplex levels, over the top, difficult, but brillant too!1
  3. Tomb Raider II (1997) – rating 9.3/10
    More gunplay, but I like the gameplay and still enough exploration – maybe bit to long shipwreck level(s). At all a top notch classic TR game!
  4. Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) – rating 9.1/10
    I love this game!!! It’s that what TR Reboot was ment to be!
  5. Tomb Raider Underworld (2008) – rating 8.7/10
    Great last traditonal TR game, great setting, great gameplay – love it!
  6. Tomb Raider Anniversary  (2007) – rating 8.5/10
    Great remake (but differs a lot) of the first TR with the game engine of TR Legend.
  7. Tomb Raider Reboot (2013) – rating 8.4/10
    *Phiuuu* … the reboot was a successful development. Too high action ratio (especially in some levels), too less tombs and near to no real riddles, but at all still a very good result. The mixture of story-driven leveldesign and open worldish levels for exploration worked. Lara and the environment looked amazing, great game engine for the next 2-3 TR games … maybe with less action, more exploration & riddles to make it near perfect (-> see Rise of the TR)
  8. Tomb Raider Chronicles (2000) – rating 8.3/10
    Still a real good TR game, but at the same time nothing special in the series, feels standard for a TR game of the first gen in every way – but I liked to play it. Had a nasty save bug at a helicopter fight (DC version). At all really fun to play, still a decent TR game.
  9. Tomb Raider Legend (2006) – rating 7.5/10
    An average game imo. Too linear level-design, too much action and annoying headset gossip. Still fun to play, but only an o.k. TR game, not more.
  10. Tomb Raider III (1998) – rating ?/10 
    I only played around 20% of the game … liked the setting so far … but don’t got into it … found the levels confusing and frustrating … couldn’t handle it … whyever. So I have no real opinion about this game. But the reviews back the time were very good afaik. For hardcoregamer maybe a dream, for me a nightmare.
  11. Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness  (2003) – rating ?/10 
    The black sheep of the series. Planned as a trilogy the game failed completely. Only the first part of the trilogy was done. Core Design lost the TR series and Lara moved over to Crystal Dynamics. I have never played it till yet. But heard only bad about it. Some review rankings: Gamesport 6.5/10, IGN 5.3/10

Lara (1)

I’m really happy with the reboot of the series, and especially with the improved result in Rise of the Tomb Raider. So I’m eager looking forward to the next part of the series.


*Legend (ratings):

10/10         brilliant, really rare brilliant, has absolutely no competitors, this game defines genres and the world of games!

9/10           brilliant, really brilliant but has some competitors, not much but some, don’t defines really, but is part of the best of the best!

8/10           really good to great game, depends on tending more to 8 or 9. Among a bunch of other competitors, but great.

7/10           good to really good game, depends on tending more to 7 or 8. There are better games out there, but this game is still a good one.

6/10           really average … mostly in every way. With some real flaws. I you like the genre and your expectations are low, maybe you will have some fun with it. But not so much, this game could be so much better.

5/10           absolutely not necessary to play, it’s a waste of time. Maybe if you like to play trashgames with some friends and a couple of beers. Maybe then, it’s your decision.

4/10           see above – only even worse.

3/10           If you play this piece of shit and knowing about it … go to a doctor!

2/10           total trash – put it into the place where it belongs to. Keep the world clean!

1/10           you’re kidding? Break this cardridge immediately! Now! Show that thing what a hammerfall means! This shit shell die in pain!1


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