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Rise of the Tomb Raider (360 version)

November 21, 2015

This is a quick review of Rise of the Tomb Raider for the XBox 360. The 360 Version? Yes! Cause the reviews out there are focused on the XBox One Version, so I want to give a look onto the 360 version for all 360 owners, but with no XBox One …

… and others who have a PS4 but heavily bothered by the time exclusivity of Rise of the TR.

I’m still not into next gen … think GT7, Shenmue III, Elder Scrolls VI … or the next TR will be for me the starting-point into Next Gen.

Rise of the TR is a great game, but is it worth playing on the 360?? Is it a quality port, or is it a poor and sloppy one?? That was the question I ask myself. Should I wait for the PS4 version?? (I will go PS4) Despite of the exclusive announcements of MS at first, a PS4 version will come … but November 2016 is a long long time to wait!! And if you have already a 360 at home, you maybe think about a purchase.

Because I was not sure what to do, I took the last weeks and months not so much attention to the game. But at the day the game was released, I saw an announcement of Rise of the TR in the net.

The knowledge of the availability changed everything in my head immediately … I checked some (short) videos (with no spoilers) to compare 360 and One graphics … to know if the 360 graphic does its job for me or not. After a couple of minutes I got hotter and hotter … and decided -> Yes! Want it! Now!1 … I was completely hooked!

So I did a short phone call to a trader nearby if the game is already in stock, took some money … drove into the electronic marked and grapped a copy!1

The feeling to be lucky was like back the time in the 16 and 32 bit area and at the cashbox with the game in my hands I was really lucky with everything … like in the good old days! *rofl*

I really like the Tomb Raider series a lot!

TR coll

At home I prepared some candy, a soft-drink and proper lights for adventure atmosphere … and started … äh no, installed the game, did the usual day one patch … but after 20-30 minutes the game was ready to run. Not plug and play, but without any problems and in an acceptable time range. So everything’s o.k.!

O.k., but how is the 360 port?

The graphic:

Technically the port is really well done! Everything runs really smooth … and absolutely no tearing!! For XBox 360 standards Rise of the TR has a great graphic. The graphic is on the standard of the predecessor, partly even a bit better! E.g. the NPC characters look much better than in TR Reboot.

The gameplay:

The gameplay mechanics are from its predecessor, but improved in detail.

The exploration part in Rise of the TR has been increased in relation to the action/shooting parts. The adventure/explore part is now the dominant part in the game.

Of course, Laras guns had always their place in TR! Gunfights are as well as exploration a traditional element of the TR series.

But in the predecessor, the gunfights became from time to time annoying. The reason was waves and waves of enemies leading sometimes into an action inferno. In some parts of the storyline the game felt like a shooter.

Don’t misunderstand me, I like Tomb Raider Reboot a lot, the game has also a lot of exploration parts and the game mechanics in firefights are really well done, really fun to play … but in some parts of the game, it went simply too much into action and with non clever enemy arrangements. Many gamers regard this as the blemish part of a, apart from that, great game.

Here is where Rise of the TR shines! Crystal Dynamics seems to hear a lot into the gamers community … and improved this part massively.

The feeling to fight against wave after wave of enemy hordes is no more existing in Rise of the TR. Firefights are now always fun to play.

This is due to three points:

  1. You have now the ability to sneak or distract enemies. The result is, that If I come up against a group of foes, I can sneak in, kill 2-3 with the bow or a sneak-kill and then tread the last three guys with a surprised and controlled firefight attack. This concept is so much more fun to play than before!1
  2. The enemy groups you meet don’t feel so uninspired, the mass of enemies you engage feels appropriate to the situation.
  3. The firefights are due to the adventure part reduced in comparison to TR Reboot … in Rise of the TR you never feel to be in a shooter game. (Only at the end of the storyline the action ratio rises sharply.)

The fights are never annoying – now, they are pure fun!

In Rise of the TR are still some action-sequences where you have to run, jump, avoid or react via quick-time event. In TR Reboot this self-running scripted scenes were also a bit annoying to play … luckily this changed in Rise of the TR too. Scripted self-running action scenes are this time also real fun to play. Hard to believe, I know … but true! Well done Crystal Dynamics.

The rest what you get in Rise of the TR? Simply what you expect if you played the predecessor. But further polished and improved … … and this time with a less gory story, which I think is a good thing.

So should you buy the 360 version if you have no One and don’t want to buy One? Or wait for the PS4 version?

I have no next gen console. The One version looks of course a bit better … but for me personally it’s not groundbreaking. The 360 version looks great!

Microsoft and Nixxes Software did a great port of a great game for the XBox 360. As mentioned, everything runs smooth and with absolute no tearing!! The environment looks overall for 360 standards really great and the story is also better told than in the predecessor.

You have to decide for yourself if you can live with high quality PS360 graphic standards … or if you only able to play PS4One games.

I have played the end of the story and some optional tasks … but as in the predecessor, after the final credits there’s still a lot to do (if you don’t finish all opt. tasks while the storyline). Many things to explore, collectables, secrets, additional tombs … I love it to come back into this beautiful game.

I have no major complains about this game, it’s a masterpiece … maybe I would wish to have two real big tombs in the main quest with a huge and challenging puzzle inside connected to the main plot of the game … maybe in the next game. There are now more tombs in the storyline implemented as in the predecessor, but imo still to small and easy to solve. It feels more like exploration in ruins, not to solve a complex puzzle-tomb connected to the mainstory. But beside of that … I’m more than happy with the result.

The conclusion? -> Highly recommended … If you don’t have a XBox One and you liked TR Reboot … buy it for your 360! Now!!!

I personally couldn’t wait a full year to be able to play this bombshell of a game!1



Rise of the Tomb Raider (XBox 360)

Controls:                                           9.0

Balance adventure/action                 9.0  (less action, more adventuring – felicitous ratio!!)

Action:                                              9.5  (if action finds place, it’s gorgeous fun!)

Visual/Style:                                      9.2

Audio:                                                9.0

Technique:                                         9.0

OVERALL:                                        9.1


In comparison my rating for:

Tomb Raider (Reboot) (XBox 360)

Controls:                                            9.0

Balance adventure/action                  7.0

Action:                                               8.2 (Good to play, but in some parts of the game also annoying)

Visual/Style:                                       9.5  (I love the Japanese ilse)

Audio:                                                 8.6

Technique:                                          8.8

OVERALL:                                         8.4

Legend (ratings):

10/10         brilliant, really rare brilliant, has absolutely no competitors, this game defines genres and the world of games!

9/10           brilliant, really brilliant but has some competitors, not much but some, don’t defines really, but is part of the best of the best!

8/10           really good to great game, depends on tending more to 8 or 9. Among a bunch of other competitors, but great.

7/10           good to really good game, depends on tending more to 7 or 8. There are better games out there, but this game is still a good one.

6/10           really average … mostly in every way. With some real flaws. I you like the genre and your expectations are low, maybe you will have some fun with it. But not so much, this game could be so much better.

5/10           absolutely not necessary to play, it’s a waste of time. Maybe if you like to play trashgames with some friends and a couple of beers. Maybe then, it’s your decision.

4/10           see above – only even worse.

3/10           If you play this piece of shit and knowing about it … go to a doctor!

2/10           total trash – put it into the place where it belongs to. Keep the world clean!

1/10           you’re kidding? Break this cardridge immediately! Now! Show that thing what a hammerfall means! This shit shell die in pain!1



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