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Play Konami Classics Vol. 1&2 (US-version) on your Pal System (Retail/360)

June 9, 2015

The last weeks I was eager to add classic collections to my 360. There are not so many available, but at all I ended up with an satisfying result. The Capcom and especially the Namco and Midway collections has a lot to offer. The Konami classics Vol. 1&2 has not much to offer but for me personel they are cause of Contra, Super Contra and SotN a Must Have for me to have in my 360 shelf. I already have the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection and the Dreamcast Collection.

Maybe you are happy to hear that the Konami Classics Vol. 1&2 works on your Pal 360. Dispite this collections have only three games on disk, they are really very, very nice Items to add to your 360 collection. Especially cause both disks work on a Pal 360 dispite they are regionlocked US/NTSC versions.

You can’t start the Konami Classics from the main board if you want to play it on your Pal system. But if you go in the dashboard into your gamelibrary (“my games”) you can start each single game from there – just like you are used to start your xbl arcade games.

… and like always … I bought some other stuff 😉


Big picture:


Big picture:


Big picture:

DL 360 (free/XBL Gold): Formel 1  2013

Happy collecting



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