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April 14, 2015

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With Street Fighter IV Ultra (360) and Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Vita) I found after a long time back to 2D fighting games. I always appreciated this kind of games! In the 16-bit era played the different versions of Street Fighter II. Than at 32-bit times Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2, XMen vs Street Fighter and Real Bout Fatal Fury Special on my Saturn. Much later on XBox a little bit SNK vs. Capcom Chaos. But to be honest, while the 32-bit era I went much more into 3D fighting games and lost contact to the genre. But I like 2D beat em ups, they are simply cool … and now I’m back into it and so I needed a bunch of them in my collection 😉

2D games celebrate the spirit of the golden arcade style era. To play SF IV Ultra on the big screen via arcade stick or MvC 3 mobile on Vita is for me a cool retrolike experience 2015. To complete this experience I will download SF Alpha 3 MAXX (PSP Version on Vita) and I’m curious about SF V. No problem if the release will be delayed, I’m overloaded with the current stuff. … By the way, who needs the superboring PS4One next gen, if you can play this holy shit on your older/current systems?!!

So I purchased some 2D Beat em ups for my collection … and some other games. Luckily I removed the pricesticker from Sonic&Knuckles successfully ^^ All japanese games are with spine only SF Zero has no. These are all games I purchased the last months.

Lovely stuff!1


Big picture:

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