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How my mighty VG collection saved the earth …

January 21, 2015

Last week, I was visited by an alien. They were angry about the fu*kin’ humans. They meant we are crap … a disease and the universe is in big riot cause of the fast development of this “failure” as it expressed it. I don’t had to talk, it was able to speak in my mind directly.

I was stunned and fascinated at the same time. Once a buddy of it flow some decades ago over the earth … and a technical problem occurred. It was forced to go down and was captured by humans. They took it in prison, made surgery investigation on it and let it die.

For revenge they abducted hundreds of humans for science investigations in the next two decades. Most of them in the 60’s. The aliens were so unpleasant and decided to appear the first time official in front of a human. Not personally, but through an orb of light. A envoy flow to earth and visited the President of the United States via orb of light. “Oh, an alien …” the President said. The angry alien spoke they are unpleasant and will now examine the earth more intense.

Many ships came and appeared over the earth surface. Mostly only less people saw the ship(s) or the orb of light, but in some cases they flew open over huge cities to be able to scan many humans as possible in one process. They did this over three decades massively. Then most aliens disappeared, only some ships stayed to control the development of the human race.

“Very interesting …” I babbled bored – in a stern mental blow it forced me to become serious! The signal it sent me was the conclusion of their investigation. The result was: the human race is a unpredictable threat!! The earth has to be destroyed!!

I was shocked, destroy my earth???? I think so sometimes too, but this is only theoretically, I love this buggy sh*t!1 Ah, yeah … sometimes … but I wouldn’t destroy ist … maybe parts hhm … …

But there was one way to prevent the total destruction!! The alien demanded to see my *cewl* videogames collection. I don’t wanted to do this, but had no chance … I have to rescue this fuckin’ planet!1

This is where I play:


I love my arcade stick (Hori Real Arcade Pro)!


My flightstick from 2003 works still great!1


Sometimes I put the 360Wheel on the PC


My collectors cabinet:


Big picture:

On the bottom there are some loose VCS oldies: Combat, Phoenix, Defender, Air See Battle, Pac Man, Pole Position, Asteroids.

MD/Genesis + CD


US Disk only: Monkey Island, Dungeon Explorer, Heimdall, Willy Beamish. Japanese boxed: Final Fight CD, Keio Yugekitai (Flying Squadron). Pal boxed: Dungeon Master II – Skullkeep, Soulstar, Jaguar XJ220.

Big picture:



Big picture:

SNES loose cardridges are barely to see, the games are: Breath of Fire 1 & 2, Lufia 2, Sonic Wings, Phalanx, Shutokou Battle 2, Illusion of Time, Secret of Mana, Gradius 3, Macross Scambled Valkyrie, Super Aleste, Pilotwings, Alien 3, Probotector III Alien Wars, Castlevania IV, Star Wars I, F-Zero, F1 Exhaust, GP-1, Super Mario World.



Big picture:

Loose MD/Genesis cardridges are: Pirates Gold, Gargoyles, OutRunners, TopGear 2, Empire of Steel, SpaceInvaders 91, T2 and Battle Golfer.

GG Pal or US – loose cardridges: Space Harrier, Star Wars (US Gold), Star Wars – Return of the Jedi, Fantasy Zone GG, Streets of Rage 1 & 2, Shinobi, F15 Strike Eagle, Master of Darkness, Sonic Drift (jp), 4 in 1 GamePack, Dragon Crystal, Axe Battler, GP Rider, Kawasaki Superbikes, OutRun Europe, Super Off Road, F1 (Domark), F1 Super Monaco GP, Tails Adventure, Shining Force – Sword of Haya, Crystal Warriors, Wonder Boy – the Dragons Trap, Legend of Illusion, Sonic.

Japanese boxed GG games: Samurai Spirits, Sailor Moon, GG Aleste 2, Sonic Drift 2, Pengo, Pyopyo, Chase HQ, F1 Monaco GP2, Shining Force Gaiden & Final Conflict, Daisenryaku GG.

Saturn/OoT/LttP: The most of the japanese Saturn Games are with spine, but they are in case.


Big picture:

Japanese Saturn Games: Burning Rangers, Advanced WW – Last of the Millenium, Grandia + translation, Shining Force III Part 2 & 3 + translations, Wachenröder, Langrisser IV & V + translation, Dungeon and Dragons Collection, Tenchi o Warau II, Nekketsu Oyako, Guardian Heroes, Dracula X (aka Castlevania SotN), Princess Crown, Keio Yugekitai 2, Elevator Action Returns, Thunder Force V Special Pack, Macross the SDF, Parodius Deluxe Pack, Layer Section 1 & 2, Strike 1945, Radiant Silvergun, Soukyuugurentai, Detana Twinbee Deluxe Pack, Panzer Dragoon 1 & 2 Box, House of the Dead, Virtua Cop 1 & 2, Virtua Figher Remix, VF Kids, Fighting Vipers, Last Bronx, Dead or Alive, Anarchy in the Nippon, Toshinden URA, D XHirD, Street Fighter Zero 2, Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special aka Fatal Fury Special, Sailor Moon – Various Emotions, Golden Axe – the Duel, Wangan Dead Heat – Real Arrange, Shutokou Battle ’97 Drift, Code R, Touge King the Spirits 1 & 2, Initial D, Daytona USA CCE, SEGA Touring Car, Virtua Racing Saturn, GT24, Chase HQ Plus, Power Drift, Manx TT, WipeOut, Sonic R, Tetris Plus, Fantastic Pinnball, Gusun Oyoyo S — (and Torico Disks only but Pal).



Big picture:

PC Games (first PC phase AMD 133 and then Pentium): Riven, Shannara, Indy 4 – Fate of Atlantis, Day of Tentacle, Monkey Island 2, Simon the Scorcerer 2, DSA/Realms of Arcania – Schicksalsklinge – Sternenschweif – Schatten über Riva, Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider 2&3, Die Siedler 2/Settlers 2, Strike Commander, Air Warrior 2, Indy Car Racing 1 & 2, Formel 1 GP2, Nascar 2, Rally Racing 97, Colin McRea Rally.

XBox/3.PC/Wii/PS2/360/4.PC The pictures above are a couple of weeks older. End 2014/start 2015 I purchased some more games. Especially 360 games but also the Skyrim Premium Edition which replaces my Skyrim standard edition in my collection. Therefore a new pic. And as I moved the cabinet from one room in another, I misplaced some games (Oblivion, Tourist Trophy, SF Anniversary, etc.) but found them and put them back in the collection. The two place-makers are for future purchases (Alien Isolation and the next TombRaider) 🙂


Big picture:

360 DL: Castle of Illusion Remake, Virtua Fighter 5 FS, VF2 Arcade, Fighting Vipers, Pac Man CE DX, Daytona USA, Sega Rally Online Arcade, Hydro Thunder, Rocket Knight, Hard Corps Uprising, Ikaruga, Trouble Witches.

Thanks for your time & sorry that I’m bored you 😀 But you helped to save the world!!1



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