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Videogame jewel genres: adventures and role playing games

August 22, 2014

Hi nonexisting audience. Therefore I have nearly no links to this blog/HP I’m proud to present nobody my nonsense for everyone.

There is a genre which is in my eyes the top of Videogaming. It’s about the games that creates an enormous adventerous atmosphere … with an immersion that leads to a deep gaming experience with spirit!

Since many years retro is the major factor for me in playing Videogames. So from time to time I play a retro RPG or adventure of the 16/32 bit ära (beside present RPGs).

As you can see in the list below, I’m a big fan of Shining Force I-III (MD/Sat). Therefore I decided now that the Shining Force remake Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (released on the Nintendo GBA 2004) should be next. Can’t wait to start, this will create big retro feelings for me for sure 🙂 I’m pretty curious about – more than 20 years after playing Shining Force on the Mega Drive. I played the game twice, but it’s so long ago!

The J-RPGs on my in future ‘have to play list’ are (without any order): Breath of Fire 1&2 (SNES), Lunar 1&2 (SegaCD), Chrono Trigger (DS-L), Sakura Wars SlmL (PS2) and Phantasy Star 1 Remake (PS2/with translation patch). But as you can see the RETRO games in my list below, that needs a while ^^

As I thought about that issue, I created for fun a list of adventurous games (adv or RPGs) I have played. And while creating this list, so much memories came back like flashbacks.

Games I played much later are marked as RETRO with year. Games without a year I played whithin the console period:

[Added note 2015: This post is from 2014 – but I decided to edit this from time to time to add the Adv/RPGs I played. I will markt those games with EDIT and year in bold print when played and RETRO if a game from long ago.]


Phantasy Star II (50%) (MD)

Phantasy Star II Remake (PS2) RETRO 2010/2011

Phantasy Star IV (MD)

Shining in the Darkness (MD)

Shining Force (MD)

Shining Force R.o.t.d.D. (Emu/GBA) RETRO 2014

Shining Force 2 (Emu/MD) RETRO 2006

Shining Force CD 1.Book – (Emu/SegaCD) RETRO 2008

Shining Force III P.1 (Sat)

Shining Force III P.2 (Sat)

Shining Force III P.3 (Sat) RETRO 2010

Shining the Holy Ark (80%) (Sat)

Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sat)

Final Fantasy VII (PC)

Grandia (50%) (Vita/PSone Classic) RETRO 2013

Grandia II (DC)

Evolution (DC)

Skies of Arcadia (DC)

Breath of Fire II (30%) (Emu/SNES) RETRO 2014

Luminous Arc (N-DS Lite)

Chrono Trigger (N-DS Lite) – EDIT RETRO 2017

Blue Dragon (360)

Lost Odyssey (80%) (360)

West RPGs:

TES II: Daggerfall (scratched only the surface of this monster – 15-20 hours) (PC)

TES III: Morrowind (Xbox)

TES IV: Oblivion (15-20 hours – I’m unworthy I know ^^) (360)

TES V: Skyrim (PC)

TES V: Skyrim SE (REMASTER) (replay 2018 to TES VI) (PS4Pro) EDIT 2018 

DSA III Nordlandtrilogie: Schatten über Riva / Realms of Arkania: Shadows over Riva (PC)

DSA I Nordlandtrilogie: Schicksalsklinge / Realms of Arkania: Sword of Destiny (REMAKE) (around 1/3 – consoleport is a bugfest -> I quit) (PS4Pro) EDIT 2018 

DSA Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit / Realms of Arkania: the River of Time (PC) (First half 2011 – second half 2017/18)  EDIT 2018

Star Wars KOTOR (15-20 hours) (PC)

Dragon Age Origins (360)

Sacred 2 (15 hours) (360)  EDIT 2015

Japanese action adventure/action RPGs:

Axe Battler (50%) (GG)

Wonder Boy the Dragons Trap (GG)

Landstalker (MD)

Story of Thor (Beyond Oasis) (Emu/MD) RETRO 2013

Zelda Lttp (DS Lite/GBA) RETRO 2012

Zelda OoT (N64)

Other action adventures:

Resident Evil (Sat & N-DS Lite)

Resident Evil HD (REMAKE) (PS4) EDIT 2016

Resident Evil 2 (50% Leon) (Vita/PSone Classic) RETRO 2014

Resident Evil CV (DC)

Shenmue (DC)

Shenmue 2 (DC)

Shenmue (PS4Pro) EDIT 2018

Shenmue 2 (PS4Pro) EDIT 2019

Silver (DC)

Flashback: Quest for Identity (MD)

Omikron: Nomad Soul (50%) (DC)

Enemy Zero (Sat)

Tomb Raider (Sat)

Tomb Raider (Vita/PSone Classic) EDIT RETRO 2018

Tomb Raider II (PC)

Tomb Raider II (Vita/PSone Classic) EDIT RETRO 2019

Tomb Raider III (20%) (PC)

Tomb Raider IV (DC)

Tomb Raider Chronicles (DC)

Tomb Raider Legends (360)

Tomb Raider Anniversary (PC) EDIT 2015/2016

Tomb Raider Underworld (360)

Tomb Raider Underworld DS (N-DS Lite) EDIT 2015

Tomb Raider Reboot (360)

Rise of the Tomb Raider (360) EDIT 2015

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4Pro) EDIT 2018

Ecco the Dolphin (MD)

Ecco the Dolphin – Defender of the Future (50%) (DC)

Conker (XBox)


Simon the Sorcerer 2 (PC)

Monkey Island 2 (PC)

Day of Tentacle (PC)

Indy 4 – Fate of Atlantis (PC)

Shannara (PC)

Riven (Sat)

The Last Guardian (PS4) EDIT 2016

Alien Isolation (50%) (360) EDIT 2017

Legend: GG=Game Gear, MD=MegaDrive/Genesis, SegaCD=CD add-on for the MD/Genesis, SNES=Super Nintendo Entertainment System, GBA=Gameboy Advanced, Sat=Saturn, PSX=Playstation, N64=Nintendo64, DC=Dreamcast, PS2=Playstation2, DS-L=Nintendo DS (Lite), Xbox=Xbox, 360=Xbox 360, PC=Personal Computer 😀


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