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PS4Pro – Zia&tGoM – GnG – DOA5LR – SST – Ride2

Now I have also the massive “triplebrick” in the house … thx to the Sony/Gamestop offer to change my PS4 + 2 old Games and 99,-€ to receive a shiny Playstation 4 Pro. I really don’t know if I need a Pro really, I’m not interested in VR or 4K.  But now I feel save for the next 5 years to get the best possible version of a game for the system … it was an offer I couldn’d reject to upgrade for 99 bugs!!!


Awesome … and so the Scorpio aka XBox One X is dead … at least for me. I think the next Playstation generation will last around 5 years to come and in the upcoming years, I think that some games will look and run on the Pro better than on the standard PS4. Sony tries to prevent this in 1st party titles at the moment, as you can see in comparisons of GT Sports at Digital Foundry.

But the Scorpio/One X will I think increase the pressure to bring visual strong games on the PS4 Pro, don’t to loose market share and image against the XBox One X … at least in the US market. The first impression of MS new powerful console on E3 was poor … XBox One X has no games! But this can change. And for multiplattform titles like Kingdom Come Deliverance and other third party IPs we’ll see if the PS4 Pro can keep up with the One X ports.

I made my bed with the PS4 Pro for the next 5 years, but I’m really courisous about One X, how the machine will handle serious AAA titles, especially PC ports like Kingdom Come. On this E3 the One X softwarelineup was terrible poor … we’ll see how it continues.

Ride 2

I’m surprisingly disappointed with Ride 2 … and that’s really surprisingly, cause I loved the first Ride game!1 Here you can read the article I wrote back then:

Mainly its cause of the handling at the grip-limit. No more powerslides, no black rubber on track like in part one … maybe it is now more realistic, but it was so much more exiting to drive. Simply much more spectacular driving … and that was fun!1

The graphic is much improved, at least the new tracks. The old track are not completely redone, but improved in detail. But the most look better too. That’s fine for me.



How to drive Dirt Rally –> don’t let’s attack (too) aggressively!1

At first Dirt Rally was frustrating for me. Used to have a rewind functions in WRC style rally games of the last years, I was used to attack the grid seriously.

But Dirt Rally goes back to the roots. So any rewind function has been canceled … and I was frustrated first, after many wreckage issues on track.

But then I learned it: “don’t let’s attack (too) aggressively!”

This is imo the key to get access to the game and avoid the frustration part! The no rewind policy forces you to a different driving style compared to the rally games you played the last years  (rewind time age!) … If you don’t adapt these rules according to your driving style, the game has (imo) a big frustration potential.

And yes you could train each stage in shakedowns before, but to be honest … who is doing this??? I like to go direct into the stage. Rock on … no blablabla (aka training) …

But to come in terms with … you have to accept a more passive driving style compared to your previous WRC-style games … the no rewind function impose on you.

But after a while I realized how much fun it is. Codemasters made it well ballanced … the timetargets for the stages are very balanced done. First place is challenging, second place good to achieve and third place easy to reach. And even if you don’t reach second or third place in a certain stage, in the final settlement p3 is easy to reach. So the frustration part which I had expected has gone away cause of the balanced game targets in rally chamionship mode … I’m now more than happy with the game! E.g. accept minor accidents, shit happens -> live with it!1 … Or even 15 sec. penalties -> continue on, restart as less as possible … that’s how the game is ment to be.

Please note: avoid the rear wheel driven cars at the beginning, they are really difficult to drive in Dirt Rally!

If you want have fun with this game, find your personal pace between security and speed. And don’t care penalties or non perfect runs -> continue on! This is how the game works and longer gaming sessions keepin’ frustfree!

But remember always: Dirt Rally is NOT a Konami game! So “don’t let’s attack (too) aggressively!” xD

If you hear the engine “bubble”, I’m off-throttle! A bit of a kind of passive driving style is here imo the key to have fun and success … with an aggressive part inbetween 🙂

Dirt Rally Greece – Subaru Impreza – Group A-Championship – long stage full

Dirt Rally Monte Carlo – Subaru Impreza – Group A-Championship – long stage full

As you can see, with that driving style you can be successfull in Dirt Rally & avoid the frustration part in one thing … and get so step by step faster from championship to championship! So don’t care if you place in a single stage 5th place or so. Over a complete round/event, 2. or 3. place is still good to reach. As mentioned before … the game targets are summed up at the end of each event/round and is overall set fair. In which order you want to drive the championships you can choose freely. “Group A Championship” is 6th, but was my third championship I drove. And the more championships you drive, the more you will learn the driving and recognize the repeating stages. Which will help to increase your pace and the aggressive part while driving in later championships without losing your savety.

DiRT Rally_20170504091654

Let’s do some random cover picporn vol. 2!

It’s time for another random cover picporn. If you want see the first part, click link below and scroll down the rubbish ‘my hardwareretrospective’ stuff to see the first part of the my cover scan project.

Let’s do some random cover picporn part 2:

1a RPG Lost Odyssey a (1)

1a RPG Lost Odyssey a (2)

1b Shooter Galactic Attack aka Layersection aka Raystorm a (1)

1b Shooter Galactic Attack aka Layersection aka Raystorm a (2)

1bb Strat Stronghold a (1)

1bb Strat Stronghold a (2)

1C Shooter Deathsmiles a (1)

1C Shooter Deathsmiles a (2)

1C Shooter Deathsmiles a (3)

1D Adv ResidentEvil2 a (1)

1D Adv ResidentEvil2 a (2)

1db RPG Dragon Age Origins a (1)

1db RPG Dragon Age Origins a (2)

Nights and DD et_sun

1dc RPG Dungeons&Dragons Warriors a! (2)

1e Arcade Racing Micro Machines 2 a (1)

1e Arcade Racing Micro Machines 2 a (2)

1eaa Street racing GT2 a (1)

1eaa Street racing GT2 a (2)

1eb RPG Pier Solar a (1)

1eb RPG Pier Solar a (2)

RPG ShiningForce 1 a

RPG ShiningForce 1 bc

RPG ShiningForce 2 a

RPG ShiningForce 2 b

1eba Castlevnia SotN DraculaX jp a (1)

1eba Castlevnia SotN DraculaX jp a (2)

1F beat em up Soul Calibur 4 a (1)

1F beat em up Soul Calibur 4 a (2)

1fb Track Racing GT24 (1)

1fb Track Racing GT24 (2)

1g Street Racing Forza 3 a (1)

1g Street Racing Forza 3 a (2)

1h Shooter Darius Gaiden a (1)

1h Shooter Darius Gaiden a (2)

1i Adv EccoTheDolphin DC big

1j 3D Action Rebel Assault a (1)

1j 3D Action Rebel Assault a (2)

1ja RPG PhantasyStar Gen a (1)

1ja RPG PhantasyStar Gen a (2)

1ja RPG PhantasyStar Gen a (3)

1ja RPG PhantasyStar Gen a (4)


1jb Beat em up VirtuaFighter 1Remix

1jc Beat em up StreetFighter Zero 2 a (1)

1jc Beat em up StreetFighter Zero 2 a (2)

1jcc RPG Luminous 1 a (1)

1jcc RPG Luminous 1 a (2)

1jcd Street Racing PGR0 MSR a (1)

1jcd Street Racing PGR0 MSR a (2)

1k Arcade DaytonaUSA Circuit Edition

1l Arcade Ridge Racer 6 a (1)

1l Arcade Ridge Racer 6 a (2)

1m 2D Shooter Elemental Master (1)

1m 2D Shooter Elemental Master (2)

1ma 2D Shooter Raiden Trad a 1991 (1)

1ma 2D Shooter Raiden Trad a 1991 (2)

1n FPS3Person GoW 1 (1)

1n FPS3Person GoW 1 (2)

1o Gun FREE ThirdPers ResidentEvil4 Wii Edition a (1)

1o Gun FREE ThirdPers ResidentEvil4 Wii Edition a (2)

1obb RPG SkiesOfArcadia DisksBoxManual (1)

1obb RPG SkiesOfArcadia DisksBoxManual (2)

1oc F1 BeyondTheLimit a (1)

1oc F1 BeyondTheLimit a (2)

1z (1)

MS FlightSim 2002

1z (3)

1z (4)

1z (5)


1z (8)

LoH: ToCS I+II – EWJ 1+2 – Rot3KXIII – Tetris U

At the moment I have no time to play a RPG, but I couldn’t resist Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel LE for Vita. And to have them US-version compatible, I bought also ToCS II US. Not sure, but googled a bit and had the impression that you need the same region version to transfer the savegame from ToCS to ToCS II … not 100% sure, but not to have an issue later I bought ToCS II also US version to keep save. … And I have a US Vita account, so I prefer US-Vita games in general.


The LE comes with a neat little artwork and charakter introduction booklet.



And a small pin

z3 small

Spring and summer I don’t play RPGs – for me it’s simply a winter season genre. At summer I like more proper stuff like golf, racing, arcade … or … games like EWJ.


Earthworm Jim I played back then only by renting it from a video-shop. So I really do not know the game good. And EWJ 2 I never played before. And while my collectors time the EWJ games were out of my radar … I don’t know why, maybe cause I’m on MD/Genesis mainly focused on Japanese games. But I watched some reviews on YT and realized that I missed a real indispensable classic. So I decided to catch up a EWJ 1&2 copy and add the games to my collection.

EWJ 1 on MD/Gen is the 16-bit version to have (even the SNES version is really good too, but the MD/Gen version has the better sound FX and better overall package of the game). In case of EWJ 2 the SNES version the 16-bit one to have.

The Saturn & PSX version of EWJ 2 are for me the best versions of the game (new backrounds, new arranged music). But the SNES version is brilliant too, so it’s more what you personal prefer. The MD/Genesis is still a real good one, but lacks a bit to the other versions. SEGA fans grab imho the Saturn version of EWJ 2. But if someone collects MD/Genesis only … no problem, EWJ 2 on MD/Genesis is still a real good one and EWJ 1&2 are for sure must haves for any collection.

For me EWJ is the perfect game for now … LoH: ToCS I will start next “RPG season”.

Way cool 😉

Edit 21.04.2017 – – – o.k. again one more. Colin 6 … ähm Dirt Rally of course. The line between enthusiasm and frustration is here always present. I love it … and then I hate it. I don’t like unlimited rewind functions, but limited to two or three rewinds each stage would remove the frustration part. For me that would be much more fun. But here absolutely no, zero rewind inside!1 And a mistake is here easily done!1 That leads into a tough gaming experience with tons of frustration potential. Beside of that, it’s a really very good rally game … and I’m just at the beginning playing “Clubman Championship” (classic rally WRC style mode). Maybe “Rallycross” mode is less frustrating, not played till yet. But Rallycross is for me only a neat little additonal gamemode … the reason why I purchase such a game is the classic pure rally mode … hopefully will enjoy it vastly. We’ll see. I play it now here and there in more small doses/30 min sessions to avoid the frustration part.

Dirt Rally

Xbox 360 – the beloved MISTRESS

o.k. – that’s gonna be embarrassing … …

The Xbox 360 was a kind of a love affair – but she brought also a lot of pain with, she inflicted to me. What a bad girl … but so hot!1 xD

2007 – the drama begins – X360 purchase


In the first stage of our affair, I was not sure If she likes me or not. Her noise was so disturbing and painful, I was not sure if she reciprocate my love. She tormented me with her DVD-drive and rattling air-cooler.

First you coudn’t even store the games on the hardware … so the DVD-drive always runned with full “audio power”!1 That was so aweful, I really cannot explain! It was so aweful noisy, it seemed she had the plan to destroy the entire planet … starting to destroy the 360 gamer with hard singing DVD-drive noise …

Yes I admit, I bought the X360 only because of the pricedrop of 100,- € at PS3 launch … the PS3 was so much more expensive (after the 100 € reduction twice the price). But I was still drawn by her brother (XBox) which had nearly no Japanese games and was more a PC-console for FPS’ler … he was an o.k. buddy, but with lack of games I like. For my taste he was only in western RPGs and racing games good. And of course some exclusives like Conker remake and Panzer Dragoon Orta. So at all a bit one-sided. Would his sister have a better and wider range & taste of games?? So I did not know exactly where I stand with my new X360 … … maybe that’s why she took at first offense at me … she don’t trusted me.

But over the time the relation growed. The analog controller was beautiful, I treated her well and she gave me even the best Japanese JRPGs of the generation and top notch game content overall … and yes, with many Japanese games! In that regard I was happy and she realized that I acted true and with pure hearts to her.

2008 – games to install on HD


As a result of our improved relationship, she let me now install the games on the harddrive … … what an improvement, the DVD-drive was a barely bearable noisy storm, a real weapon by her … which inflicted so many times incredible pain … how mean she was. But that was from now on yesterday and the first blue skies appeared in front of my eyes, her smile was beautiful!! I was so thankful!1


So the disagreements were harshly reduced between us … but I felt that she was inside still a bit upset – her air cooler was still rattling around every time we communicated together. Even if it was still to loud, it was so much better and now I was finally able to play RPGs on that thing. RPGs?? Yes she loved RPGs, but treated me now much better, so from now on I had also fun with.

2010 – Xbox 360S


This let grow our relationship better and better and finally her last inner unrest was gone, she was completely happy and now trustfully that I would never let her alone. Blue skies, pure sunshine, butterflies and many many cute cat videos ruled the relationship and led into a love marriage … oh damn, I went into the trap … and yes, she still likes role playing games. But this is how the world turns xD Everything was now how it should be. Happiness ruled the world!1


Dispite of the hard start, the X360(S) is one of my favourate consoles! Regrettably after nearly 7 years XBox 360S, her air-cooler begins to rise up again a bit, not loud, but also not as quiete as before. Hopefully there’s nothing I’ve done wrong …

OMG!!!1 … that article … I’m sorry … I’m really so sorry  \´O_O`/

WHY WE ALL LOVE THE MegaDrive/Genesis – Part 2


In this part I want take a closer look at the release dates and prices of the system.

Some informations I could not find, e.g. the Jp/US launch date and prices of the Mega Drive/Genesis II or dates or prices of the Brasil launch, I would be interested too. If you have additional informations, please send it to me. I will then edit it in.

In part one I mentioned already the early launch date of the MD/Genesis. Let’s take a closer look onto the dates and price the system was offered back then.

The SEGA MegaDrive was first released in Japan in 29th October 1988. Followed in the US released on 9th January 1989 and in the European Union 30th November 1990. (SNES launch: Japan 31th  November 1990, US 13th August 1991, UK 11th April 1992, EU 6th June 1992).

The Mega Drive was in Japan two years before the SNES released, in the US and EU even 2 ½ years before the SNES.

Note: DM = German Mark – currency of the pre-Euro/€ era. Exchange rate was back than quite accurate 2:1, which means 2 DM was equal to 1 US-$.

Mega Drive launch price:

Japan launch 29th October 1988: 21.000 Yen.

USA launch 14th August 1989: 189$

Brasil launch 01th September 1990: price?

Germany launch 30th November 1990: 500 DM (250$) (Altered Beast included)

UK launch – 30th November 1990: 190 GB £/Pound = 560,50 DM =  280 $ (1 £ = 2,95 DM)


Europe had back the days always the last priority for the companies of electronic entertainment – so it came in Germany last, but most expensive … no not at all, in UK the MD was even more expensive. Maybe cause of the successful Master System SEGA earned good money with and maybe don’t wanted to stop the 8-bit business here. But that don’t hindered the Mega Drive to become a big success in the UK-market. And the UK market was back then after the American and Japanese market the third most important marked for electronic entertainment in the world.

Mega Drive II launch price:

Germany  (date?) – 299,- DM

So the Mega Drive/Genesis was an early 16-bit console and a really proper machine for its time. Especially in the US the early presence on the market brought SEGA in a good position. The US got almost a year after the Japanese launch their Genesis in store. As usual at these times, the European users had came last and had to wait two years after the Japanese launch to be able to get their system and be able to play the console on their standard 50 hertz Pal televisions. Of course for the highest price :/

Hardware push-ups:

A push-up is a good thing. It lets breasts look larger and firm. In the SEGA 16-bit era, SEGA released two add-ons for the MegaDrive/Genesis. One I love, the other was the biggest mistake SEGA ever made.

SEGA developed in a very early stage of the industry a CD add-on for the MegaDrive/Genesis. In fact it was the second CD add-on for a system after the PC-Engine CD. I love this add-on … there are simply great games on it with a very advanced gaming experience for the time. But the games for the MegaCD/SEGA CD I will discuss in a later part to feature this underrated add-on system!

The first generation of the MegaCD/SEGACD add-on was released in Japan on 1st Dezember 1991. The US marked followed ten months later 15th Oktober 1992. Europe was with a delay of one year and four months the last and got the system in April 1993. In Germany there was never released the first MegaCD/SEGACD, but the facelift version Mega CD II. But a Pal version of the first Mega CD was available, cause of the release in the UK.

Mega CD launch Japan 1st Dezember 1991: 49.800 Yen

SEGA CD launch US 15th oktober 1992: 299 $

Mega CD2 launch Germany April 1993: 699 DM (350 $)

Mega CD2 launch UK April 1993GB £/Pound 270


Cause of pending study I needed my money for a PC and so had no Mega CD at the time … but I had a fellow student with the system I could be a guest player. Played Silpheed, F1 Beyond the Limit, Sonic CD and others … watched Lunar and was really jealous not to have it! I loved the system! I really like this add-on a lot and will later write a separate article about it.

And 1994 SEGA lauched the 32X (US November Japan Dezember 1994, Europe January 1995). A launch which was the first step to the dawn of SEGA. Dispite of that there were not much, but some really good games for the add-on available.

32X US launch November 1994: 160 $

Super 32X Japan launch Dezember 1994: 16.800 Yen

32X Germany  launch Januar 1995: 399 DM (200 $)

The system was a world-wide economical disaster for the company. In Germany the system was from day one a non-seller … and left like lead in the shelves. I bought my 32X as the system was at its rapid end … and sold out for bargain in a super market for 99,- DM (50 $). For that price it was a nice purchase end 1995 and the games were also harsh reduced in price at the store. I was not wishing an add on like the 32X for my Mega Drive in special, but I loved always the idea to bring more chip supported games like the SVP-chip powered Virtua Racing for the MegaDrive/Genesis 1993 – Nintendo did it, SEGA decided for the 32X strategy.

If you want further information about the 32X – please click article.

The graphical development comparison special from 8/16-bit day to today, I mentioned in part 1, I will do in a separate article.

So then, see you in part 3 – and have a good time


WHY WE ALL LOVE THE MegaDrive/Genesis – Part 1


Hi guys & grrrls, this time it’s all about the glory SEGA 16-bit system the Mega Drive/Genesis, the MegaCD/SEGA CD and the 32X. About the 32X I have already written an article, so if you want read my opinion about it, please click link.

But now it’s time to talk why we all love the MegaDrive/Genesis … yes ALL love the MegaDrive/Genesis!1 There’s no exception accepted … submit to SEGA 16-bit!!  😉


On part 1&2 I start with some gossip around the system and will continue from part 3 on into the games. This will be a longer term project divided in many parts. Don’t know how many … we’ll see …

I simply love the SEGA 16-bit universe till today and the machine has a massive fanbase out there … so we’ll show the reasons why the system is still today so popular by so many gamers. I love the SNES really too … but I had and have a special crush to the MegaDrive/Genesis aka SEGA 16-bit!



The MegaDrive/Genesis was the first real pioneer of the 16-bit era, it was not only a couple of weeks or months before the SNES on the market, but whopping two years before!! I think many gamer forget that when discussing these both systems.

Despite of the early release date the MegaDrive/Genesis (end 1988 jp/1989 US/1990 EU), the software developed great over the years and delivered many classics, especially in the golden 16-bit time, which I would date from beginning 1991 to end 1994!

It does not matter that the SNES came whopping two years later after the MD and so has better graphic capabilities … or the Mega Drive with its fast main-processor outperforming the SNES in case of pure CPU power. Both have their strength and weaknesses and a great library … both systems have their fans … and I’m one of the Mega Drive/Genesis guys 🙂

Another competitor was the PC-Engine (aka Turbo Grafx aka Tubo Duo), launched at the end of the 8-bit lifespan October 1987 on the Japanese market, so exactly one year before the Mega Drive in October 1988 started. The PC-Engine was a mix of 8 and 16 bit technology. It has a 8-bit CPU, but a 16-bit video color encoder and a 16-bit video display controller. It was a machine between the two worlds. Cause of the 8-bit main CPU some regard it as a 8-bit machine, others count it to the 16-bit gen cause of its release date and 16-bit components … and from its capabilities it was for sure a next gen console of its time and not a competitor of the “last gen” 8-bit systems, but for the upcoming Mega Drive … and later SNES … but the SNES not so really, it still lasted full three years after the PC-Engine release for the Super Famicom/SNES to come. So it was more a competition between SEGAs 16-bit machine and NEC/Hudsons PC-Engine.

But back to topic … lets take a look onto the first real 16-bit machine and so also known as the pioneer of the 16-bit era.


Here I want insert some local infos. While the Mega Drive/Genesis was very successful in the USA, South America and the UK … Germany was SNES-land! The Mega Drive had a suggested market share of 30% here. But that was no problem, the availability of hardware and games was everywhere, no matter to purchase something or to rent for a weekend from a video shop, and thx to the success in the other markets and the really good support from Japanese developers the Mega Drive stayed through the 16-bit era a serious competitor for Nintendos 16-bit machine. Thx to the massive success on the US and UK market, many western games were also released on the system … hmmm, but the western games are a mixed bag, the best software for the machine are Japanese games (!). But there are of course also some real important releases from western developers on the system like the Strike series from EA, Mega Turrican, Micro Machines, the Vectorman games and others. Especially in the sound-department many of the western Mega Drive/Genesis games are often a mixed bag up to odd (not all, but many) … while so many Japanese games shines with a great sound! But the games we will start to discuss in a later part …


As written above, the Mega Drive/Genesis came two years before the SNES, again … I think many people forget this in the discussion of the two consoles. But it is a certain point! The hardware-developement was so much faster and more impressive than today … with the result of serious graphical jumps nearly in annual cycle! Especially younger people maybe don’t know how fast the developement back than was … older gamer who had a PC in the 90’s know what I’m talking about 😉 I will show some examples about that in part 2 of my MegaDrive story.

Additional … most SNES games running of course purely on SNES hardware, but many forget how many SNES games were supported by internal chips inside the cardridge to push the slow main CPU or other specs … I don’t want criticize the SNES/Nintendo for that, it was simply part of the hardware strategy by Nintendo, and it was a clever one imo … but regarding the pure hardware power means, many games wouldn’t run on the system we know them without the additional hardware build in the cardridges … and Big N simply had the money to do/support the system in that kind. The MegaDrive games had no chips in it, its pure MegaDrive/Genesis power! Except Virtua Racing supported by SEGAs SVP-chip and of course the 32X games.

The most know only the Super FX-chip (e.g. Starfox, Yoshis Island, Doom), but the SNES enhancement chips was a much more complex theme. Here’s a link, scroll down the chips descriptions to see all the games released with an enhancement chip. Very interesting topic!

The Mega Drive/Genesis was a real powerhouse for a console of its time. And two years was technically a big time-span back the time, Nintendo knew that. Nintendo, the absolute dominant world market leader of the 8 bit times, knew they had to deliver.

Why Nintendo reacted so late??? It’s was simply the Famicom/NES cashcow Nintendo was not willing to stop – so they took the risk to enter the 16-bit era 2-3 years later after their competitiors (PC-Engine/MD).

Damn … I want later to write an SNES article ^^ … but lets fly back  …


This time-gap gave SEGA the long awaited chance to break into the totally Nintendo dominated marked of the mid to end 80’s/beginning of the early 90’s. Nintendo was so mighty back then in the 8-bit era and was able to control the third party developer and publisher market with gag contracts … to force them to sign contracts to release games exclusively for Nintendos hardware … or to be out of business. With a market share of around 90% in the 8-bit era, most publishers had no choice but to submit.

But milking their Famicom/NES cashcow to the end … gave their competitors an open flank and NEC/Hudson Soft and SEGA tried to break the market with their new machines.

End of part 1 – next we will still discuss the system and anything around, before we step with part 3 into the games.

Sry that I do my posts so unregular, I do it when I have time and I’m in the mood to … it’s simply a fun project.

Happy gaming